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Skills For Justice (SFJ) Level 3 Professional Investigators Course

This IPI Certificated course prepares the candidate to undertake the Multiple Choice assessment for the SFJ Accredited (formerly IQ Accredited) - Award for Professional Investigators (Level 3), which is the recognised qualification, designed to meet proposed legislative licensing requirements.

This qualification is available to those new to the role and for anyone who needs to gain the qualification prior to the introduction of licensing or Private Investigators.

Skills for Justice Awarding Organisation require individuals to be able to read and write using the English language at Level 3 standard or where English is not their first language to produce a certificate of IELTS equivalence in order to be registered for an Award.  

Course fee: £299.00

This includes:

Registered SFJ students will be classified as Trainee Investigators whilst completing the course. On achieving certification, candidates can then apply for full membership (MIPI) of the Institute.

SFJ Assessment: The IPI will organise appropriate centres in the Midlands and south of England for candidates to attend in order to undertake the Skills for Justice qualification assessment papers. Candidates with any special requirements should notify so that these can be addressed.

Note: Learners have 2 years from the date of registration to complete the course. 



  • Characteristic of an Investigator
  • Investigation Method
  • Maintenance of the Investigators Notebook
  • Taking Instructions and Client Relations
  • Statement Taking for Investigators
  • Interviews Law and Practice
  • Case Management


  • Resources for Investigators
  • Incident Scenes and Exhibits
  • Tracing Investigations
  • Document Analysis
  • Reporting Procedures
  • Major Investigation Planning
  • Disclosure Provisions


  • Court Procedures
  • Investigation by Computer
  • Death Investigations
  • Burglary and Robbery
  • Surveillance and Recording
  • Legal Knowledge


  • Fraud Investigations
  • Process Serving
  • Financial Enquiries
  • Criminal Defence Investigations
  • Road Traffic Accident Investigation
  • Arson Investigation
  • Sexual Offence Investigation
  • Self Management
  • Data Protection



At the beginning of the course students are assigned a tutor who will guide them through the learning experience. Students will also have access to other tutors who each have their own area of expertise.


The course is delivered in four parts, each part being made up of a number of modules. There are 29 modules in all. The course is based on an estimation that classroom learning for the material (plus some self-study) would take 39 hours. For this reason, the Institute considers that three months is a reasonable length of time for completion, while 6 months may be needed by those in full time employment.


At the end of each module students can test their understanding with short self-administered quizzes.

Skills for Justice Level 3 Award interactive quiz


Multiple Choice Questions

The multiple choice questions fall at the end of each part. The tutor must be satisfied that students have understood that part of the course before allowing access to the following part.


In addition there are a number of assignments within each part which students will be asked to complete before the end of the course.


There is an online library that provides an additional resource to fully explore the work of the professional investigator.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions section for further information

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