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ProQual Level 3 Investigator Course Terms and Conditons

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Institute of Professional Investigators (The Institute) makes all offers in good faith, and these offers are subject to prevailing circumstances at the time of booking and the following terms and conditions.
  2. The Institute reserves the right to change providers of the course qualification or award subject to any intended replacement matching or exceeding the level of any qualification initially provided.
  3. The student accepts that immediately upon first submission of any written exercise or a completed multiple-choice question exercise, or on email delivery of the course Manual (at 14 days after booking), whichever comes first, no refunds will be payable by the Institute, except as allowed by Clause 6. In any event, no submission of a student workbook will be accepted prior to the 14 days, which takes into account the period required for Student Registration and the minimum expected Guided Learning Hours requirement.
  4. Once students have been registered with ProQual (a process which is started immediately upon receipt of fees by the Institute), the Institute will charge £75 regardless of continued study by the student.
  5. The student accepts that any failure on their part to complete the course within 6 months is not the responsibility of the Institute, who will continue to provide access to the course, subject to Clause 6.
  6. In the event that the Institute withdraws course availability after a student has studied for 3 months but no longer than 6 months, the student will be entitled, without prejudice, to a £50 refund. If the course is withdrawn later than 6 months after the student’s booking date, no refund will be payable. If a course is withdrawn within 3 months of a booking date, a student will be entitled to a refund of all fees except the costs of the Manual (£75) and registration fees already paid.


Explanatory Note:

A student is expected to put in the necessary effort to pass the process within 6 months. As the Manual is in PDF format and cannot be returned, the cost of this is always borne by the student upon e-delivery (at 14 days after fees are paid).

A student who starts the process by completing a Part Test or through submission of a written exercise is not entitled to any refund as long as the course remains available. A student can stop studying if they wish, but that is their choice.

In the unlikely event that the Institute is unable to provide the course, or a qualifying assessment (e.g. by the Awarding Body cancelling the qualification, or other force majeure), costs are only repayable on the following basis.

Studied 0-3 months: All costs but £150 refunded. (Registration fees plus Manual are paid for.)

Studied 3-6 months: £50 refund

Studied over 6 months: No refund


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